About Us

We are the Needle Bearers

We would be your ATHENA on this mission to finding your photographer and filmmaker through this labyrinthine of ever growing, often overwhelming and confusing library of artists so you would rather spend that time cooking up spaghetti for your loved one or cuddling with your dog or going out for coffee dates.

Over the years we have devoured through the work of many photographers and filmmakers and have developed a keen eye for art & storytelling ourselves. Our experience in the wedding industry has equipped us to gauge your unique and specific requirements thereby helping us bridge the gap between you and your photographer & filmmaker.

Cashmere stories is an atelier where we have thoughtfully curated a collection of photographers and filmmakers from across the country, selected for their fine sensibility and a great sense of observation and aesthetics and storytelling.

Behind Cashmere Stories


Growing up, I was always drawn toward elegant things – earthen pots and ceramics, antique wooden furniture, decadent houses, giant bougainvillea writhing along the wall, and …

The curiosity and appreciation for beauty around me has helped me cultivate a natural sense of aesthetics. To me, a great photograph or film is one that touches your heart on an intuitive level much before the technical eye justifies it. It is more of a visceral response as opposed to an objective one. Anything superfluous makes me uncomfortable. Being responsible for helping you preserve some of this beauty in your life is the most satisfying part of my work.

when you find the photographer that captures beauty exactly the way you want, there’s no reason to hold back.




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