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General Questions

Who are your photographers and filmmakers?

At Cashmere Stories, we have thoughtfully curated a collection of photographers and filmmakers from around the world, selected for their fine sensibility and a great sense of observation, aesthetics, and storytelling. 

We do not operate like a typical standard agency, suggesting artists from its limited panel. We are very fluid in our approach, we believe in constantly evolving with time, forever making notes and bookmarking remarkable storytellers to our library.  We only suggest artists that we believe are worthy of telling your phenomenal story.  


Depending on your unique set of requirements, style, personality, vision, and budget we suggest 2 or 3 artists to choose from who are enormously talented with numerous years of experience. We know all of our photographers and filmmakers intimately, their work and personality which we consider before recommending to you. We adhere to our role of being a good listener, guiding you and never imposing our suggestions. The final decision is always yours as you have to feel the resonance with the artist. 

Why should we choose to book the artist through you and not directly? 

Our way of answering this question is what you gain by letting us guide you through the process. 

First off, we are right for you only if you are looking to hire an artist to tell your story and you truly value the beauty that art ( photography and videography ) creates otherwise we might not be the best fit. Also, if you are just looking around to fetch the best deal, it’s not us! 

There is a constant flux of photographers and filmmakers today, Hello Instagram!, so to find the artist best suited to tell your story through this maze is quite a task, to put it mildly. So, not only we save you guys your precious time doing the work for you but ensure that your story gets told in a phenomenal way and that guys have a truly great experience. So many times have we seen couples or families not choosing the right photographer/ filmmaker for them and getting mediocre results only because they didn’t know better or didn’t have enough time. 

Finally yet most importantly, the number thing we need from you is trust – as it allows us to truly understand you and what you are looking for, thereby creating a meaningful experience for you. Yes, we are here for business but without that trusting humane connection, none of it is worth it really. 

Do you have photographers and film-makers for LGBTQ + weddings? 

Our photographers and filmmakers are well-traveled and some of them have covered numerous same-sex weddings across the globe who will tell your story with sensitivity and authenticity. Please share your wedding plans and we’d be so happy to help you document your wonderful story.

Pricing and More

Do I have to pay an extra agency fee? 

We do NOT add any agency fee on top of the photographer or videographer’s price for the client instead we charge the artist a percentage agreed in the contract for any assignment that we sent to them. This allows us to have prices that are not higher than regular and also that we can represent a variety of photographers and filmmakers to offer you the best services. 

Do you offer discounts / special rates?

Unfortunately, there are no discounts or special rates. For us all our couples and families are alike and we believe in fair pricing. Our photographers put their creative energies into every assignment and we expect to get them what they deserve. We neither overcharge depending on who is the client nor undercharge just to close the deal.

Photography and film-making is an art and it deserves to be treated like that and with due respect when you ask for discounts in a way you are asking for compromise ( whether you realize it or not ) and that’s the last thing we want for you. 

Your photographers and film-makers are expensive, why should we hire them?

Our photographers and filmmakers don’t come with equipment but an eye for detail, aesthetic sense, years of experience in capturing portraits, moments, venues, destinations enabling them to capture moments without intruding the natural flow of things. They are not the ones who give excuses of low lighting or blocking florals or venue challenges or crying kid or non-posing couples. They have been there, done that, and know how to handle these aspects of events. As Sephi Bergerson talks on this podcast with Nikhil Shankar – “You want someone to be able to document your wedding in such a way that years from now you will relive it. These pictures will define your memory of the wedding. You will remember only the thing which is in pictures.” If this resonates with you, please go and listen to his podcast here.

How is hiring an International photographer not an expensive affair? 

Considering it’s one of those things which you want to frame and hang on your wall as art or revisit the memories as a film, it’s not expensive at all. Your costing may go up by 30% but the value you would get is unparalleled.


We will put it like this – on an average, Cashmere Stories couple spends 5 to 7 lakh for two day wedding events for photography and film making. Travel and Stay is additional for the team.

Gifting & Vacations

How can I gift someone a photo session? Could I gift someone a session anywhere around the world? 

Oh! The sweet joy of giving someone the gift of memories. We are so glad you asked this. 

Whether you would like to book a couple- portrait session for your two favorite humans on their 5th wedding anniversary or a thoughtful idea of gifting your wife a motherhood session, just fill in the details in the contact form and we’ll reach out to you the soonest and help you give the most joyous and meaningful gift 🙂 

I am going on a holiday with my sweetheart. Can I book a photographer with you for a couple-portrait session? 

Travel + Romance! It doesn’t get any better right? So, we are here to help you capture and preserve these wondrous memories. Fill us the contact form and let us know where you are booking your tickets to, and we will handpick the best photographer, preferably local, someone who is well versed with the location and create fine art photographs that you would want to adorn your living room walls with. 

PS The sooner you let us know, the better. 

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