Couple Portraits

How to have couple portraits that exude real connection and intimacy?

One of the most significant reasons why we want couples to go for Couple Portrait sessions is because we truly believe in the power of photography, to move us emotionally, to help us derive joy, pleasure, and other aesthetic emotions, force us to re-think and re-feel .. 

And, these photographs are such a potent reminder and reinforcer of the love that is there between you two as you take off en route to your daily routine lives. 

But we know often the thought of awkward and corny couple photography scares you away, so we thought of putting together a list of gentle yet mighty ways to help you have a killer Intimate Couple Portrait Session. 


We often don’t realize that love is not about having a perfect relationship or how they show it in movies or the IG feed of your friends having the filter-perfect times of their lives. It is the messiness, chaos and imperfection that makes love so ravishing and beautiful. Love often reveals itself in those imperfections that belong uniquely to you as a couple. 

Don’t be obsessed about how you should look or act, just feel the love that is there between you two and let the photographer capture the real stuff, the in-betweens, the raw emotions, the beautiful hot mess and wild love that you guys are! 

The artistic intention ought to be the expression of the beauty of your relationship and not illusory perfection. 

2. Music

Music is such a wonderful idea (our favorite on the list!) as it helps in overcoming inhibitions and shyness, you suddenly feel a certain fluidity and lightness, and all that awkward rigidness is replaced with effortless grace. 

Play soulful ambient music or jazz or create your playlist whatever resonates with you and see how beautifully it finds an expression in your photographs. 


There is something phenomenal about being present at the moment and enjoying the moment with your person as it is. it’s only natural that your connection will come through and shine in the photographs as you allow the generous and elegant present moment do its magic. 

It might sound like a cliche but you could share what is your favorite quality about the other person or better still write a letter and read to them at the start of the session. It’s incredible how we feel when we are told or reminded of what made the other person fall in love with us, suddenly the energy of the room is elevated and feelings float about, thus making it easier for your photographer to capture the magic that you two are!

4. Touch

Words are such a lesser way of communicating. Connect about in other ways, how you feel when you feel his eyes upon you, or play with the tuft of her hair or lean on him or touch his arm or her face. The most powerful and intimate visual communication comes from touch. The idea is to be effortless and natural about it. Can’t stress enough, Less is more. 

It is also important to spend time with the photographer, share your story with him/ her, and be involved in the creative process. It’s your stories and passions that become the raw material for the photographs and find an expression in the storytelling of your shoot.

Let us help you celebrate that love which is the center of your universe by helping you connect with the most remarkable storytellers and who knows by the end of one of these couple portrait sessions, you guys feel all the more closer to one another. 

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